reflectively assessing my professional goals

Social skills Lord knows we all need this…

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#etmooc revisited 1 yr anniversary

It’s a freakish thing to realize 12 months has vanished. The fun conclusion; however, is how much you can grow. Life can get in the way.  Personally, disaster may ( and will ) strike here and there but from a

Reflective thinking...

Reflective thinking…Class ’74 Yearbook

professional perspective, one can learn new approaches and implement them in quite a short time. Since ETMOOC course of last winter, I’ve realized I’ve added much to my toolbox and moreover, changed my approach.  I’ve become a much more effective and open creator of content and can filter the content that has meaning to me far better. Why? I think I am more effective because ETMOOC experience showed me:  creating content teaches understanding, establishes means to curating content of choice, magnifies social sharing, and builds personal meaning. These are the elements that ‘connected learning’ experience

delivered for me. My high school students enjoy it and benefit from it because I now model all of the above daily. I am excited because I think it exposes and hopefully prepares my graduates fora more scholarly and technological way of learning they may exploit in college. High school transition is something I like to address. ETMOOC experience offers much in this regard. OH damn if I was only 10 years younger! 🙂 My junior colleagues will have to pick up the mantle.

Student Centered History: Technology and Critical Thinking: Teach Indignant

Teach Indignant

This year, teach indignant.
Indignant about the state of education in this country. For all the big – and small – reasons.
Indignant about them number of days lost to asinine standardized tests that are ruining education.
Indignant that misguided billionaires who know nothing about education are shaping educational policy in this country….