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Pace and grace


Sunny hot day in the Kelowna Greenway Scenic Canyon Park. Brisk 9min/km power walk with Maddie the Labrador. Zoned into my pace. Meditation. Practicing being in the now. Dog hammers his 4×4 breaks! (Father lurches forward in shock) Dog sits frozen, pulling tension against his leash.

“Come on man! Let’s go! Can’t you see it’s a beach. We always stop at a beach. It’s water dummy! Wake up!”

The dog master ( clearly an oxymoron ) dutifully steps down to Mission Creek, trying to avoid getting the hiking boots wet, hops along beautiful golden river rock. The lab, beside herself with the temporary moment of bondage freedom, swims into the brisk current lapping up gulps of copper colored stream. An observant dog lover wouldn’t be sure if it was the swimming and cooling off the tummy or the drinking of cool mountain water that rendered the greater dog joy?


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