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Etmooc – a dynamic bend in the river


Signing off #etmooc

Like the dynamic changing course and view if my local river, my professinal learning has meandered and followed a varied course. Well my first MOOC was no different. Etmooc was an enlightening experience but I believe it’s more about the people than the structure. Firstly, Cogdog and Alec’s leadership and design team clearly had a strong plan and plenty invested before novices like me wandered by. Secondly, the massive collective included such strong facilitators and contributors it made the curriculum so engaging. Lastly but not less valued is the amazing experience and talent of the Etmooc community participants. I was so motivated by these educators I tried hard to do my ‘homework’ and certainly read a massive amount of professional discourse. This ETMOOC exercise was valuable and motivating enough even as I contemplate retirement (after 33yrs) I just may go back to graduate school! If not, I’ll look for some more open learning opportunities 🙂 Thanks so much everyone for building my PLN and sharing your gifts.
Signing off @literateowl Al Smith


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