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Questions and Ownership | The Principal of Change


“I have said this before, that great leadership should model the same things that great teachers do. If you are the leader or teacher with all of the answers, what happens when you leave? What have you built within your school or classroom? Even if your school moves forward because of the wisdom of one person, that is a culture of one, and that culture will die when you leave. We have to figure out better ways for our staff and students to own the culture and learning, and follow up by doing what we can to empower them to be successful.

Our work is about making others better, not displaying our own intelligence .”(Couros)



2 thoughts on “Questions and Ownership | The Principal of Change

  1. This idea is very similar to the concept of teaching a man to fish vs. feeding a man a fish. I have found that those individuals who are control freaks or who need for others to be dependent upon them for an ego boost struggle with empowerment. Perhaps in making others intelligent, one is also quietly exhibiting their intelligence, yes?