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Flipper teacher popstar -not your average artist

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Norah Jones on Soundcheck 6

Our ‘flipper teacher’ Carolyn Durley of Kelowna recently posted ‘if I was a pop star’ and how can resist to comment? A tweet or RE just didn’t seem appropriate for this ROCK STAR.

I tease of course, but there is truth in the pop star analogy. Ms Durley ‘performs’ in my district as Biology teacher who’s lessons are flipped. Cartwheels is what I hear. Maybe a new breed of instructor? Although I am an obsessive fan I’ve never actually met the woman. Sad but real, teachers get little chance to interact. Is she elusive and secretive like some rockers? No. Teachers are just too busy signing autographs and holding press conferences.

I met Carolyn, not at Woodstock but online as @okmbio. I proudly say she is part of my PLN. Groupie you say? Sure, why not, but without entering the Twittersphere ;like a great indie band, I’d never get to enjoy her music. Our rocker seeks out knowledge, methods and loves her students. I’m sure kids enrol in her class, not for Biology, but rather for the experience. Like many masters I’ve witnessed over the years, many high school teens often seek out the strong teachers not the easy course. I learned this from my own son. Rock star status, for teachers is not about flipping or cartwheeling but embracing caring, passion, and craftsmanship. It’s in the art.

After reading her post, I knew intuitively that she is not just on her World Tour but reaffirming my belief in teachers using eclectic styles in their craft.

poetry notebooking Clickbeetle She us such a renaissance man- woman. in the literal sense. I suspect you teach the poetry of living things in every Biology lesson and just forget that as we investigate the science of teaching, we discover teaching has always been an art. Education eagerly tries to make itself a science but at its own peril. We enthusiastically strive for a ‘system’. Education corporations try to sell their ‘business’ as science but mostly it just sells products. The honest truth of a classroom teachers’ stardom is her ability to find connections between people and content. It’s an art. Carolyn Durley is an artist. Teaching Biology just her choice of instrument.

If I was a pop star…
by Carolyn Durley A Fine Balance blog…
If I was a pop star…

I could be played loudly in your household or even directly into your child’s ear and no one would question my presence in your life…singing my content message sweetly (ok maybe not sweetly, but I would try :)) perhaps even multiple times in one day…

I could say what I needed to say without repercussion…when I wrote a song that everyone wanted to listen to…

My song would be mysterious and sweeping, ethereal and haunting. Listening once would never be enough because you would be drawn into the story; I would weave you in with my words….


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