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Digital storytelling- the still photo as 3rd person narrative

Digital Stories – The still reportage photo as 3rd person narration, perspective.  “What is that ^%$* tin cup doing in that tree?!”

PICT0056(Al Smith, Flickr )

As a self-proclaimed photographer, I have embraced visual media in the classroom for years. Even before I studied the nuances, I intuitively knew that images could be powerful storytelling.   Among the barrage of imagery today, the value of image stories is still a powerful learning device even if photography’s virtues are muddled by Photoshop, popular media and Instagram fatigue.  Some people foolishly go so far as to say the ‘word’ or written language skills are decreasing in importance. I recently heard a Principal declare that kids today don’t need to learn how to write- the written word is an old skill.  I disagree completely. People are reading more, writing faster, and writing more often. (More.. Ian Brown, Globe). For another essay…

Visual literacy is more than itself, it can complement digital storytelling and story creation.  Stories help build meaning.  Using images as narratives can promote deep reflection, mindfulness and generate discussion AND personal expression- whether graphical or written.   As a teaching device with sound pedagogy, images are a teachers oldest asset. The digital medium is just a matter of delivery and imagination.

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Digital Stories – The still Photo (8 pages)

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