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Serendipity, hangin’ out and pure genius? Power of MOOC?

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Serendipity Today was a morphing dreamy kind of day as Bonnie Stewart blogged today. It was also a strangely fulfilling day because of the organic intermixing of my PLN. And the Etmooc Community I’ve been engaged with recently. Today I taught, coached, blogged, Tweeted, joined a Google Hangout for the first time and with fascination made cognitive connections. Serendipity? Random? Or we’re these connections for me the RESULT of the MOOC design and nature?

So I followed the lead of Linda Hall @mslhall to join a Google Hangout. My first. It worked rather well. Informal. Like a Starbucks tutorial in a way. The conversations about the ETMOOC and work evolved to even specifics like hardware but included methodology like #geniushour. I was familiar with Google’s corporate model having read Googled by Ken Auletta, but never heard of its educational application as Linda explained it. I was excited about its potential immediately! ( Manicly pasting the Hangout chat URLs into my Evernote and Diigo) and moved on grinning that I got as much as I gave. This Hangout thing might be a value-added tool?

So while closing down my browser and getting dinner, I’ve got a brief DM with Carolyn in Twitter . I saw her question about contract and assessment and then whimsically asked her about #geniushour. Well! Guess what? My colleague down the street, who is also an ETMOOCer is a Genius! She’s using Genius Hour with senior Biology this new semester.

Carolyn Durley (@okmbio).
2013-01-30 9:16 PM
@MsLHall Sounds great!

Serendipity? Random? One minute I never heard the term , the next, Ive got an expert in my own town and it took a connected learning environment/community around the world to make it so. Another blogger( Denise Krebs ) writing about PLN refers to N as neighbour. This MOOC is a course, is a community, is a network- its like a neighbourhood. Maybe this kind of nurturing isn’t clean but I think it works for professional development and I think it promotes innovation and spirit. I’m not so sure about k-12 or even college except in doses. So far MOOC. Might be pure genius but it demands considerable skills sets and some great neighbours!


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  1. Sounds like the Rhizomatic Learning Dave Cormier was talking about