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MASHUP or MIXUP Manifesto?


Wow. You have nailed it for me Carolyn…

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 4.16.18 PMI struggle SO MUCH with this RIP REMIX model because as a librarian I also defend intellectual property and intellectual referencing vigorously. I despise those people and agents that exploit the creative product and ideas of others without any credit or even worse plagiarizing the ownership. Even recently the Director of Education Toronto Public School Board resigned because he ‘ripped off’ his own doctoral thesis. What is fraud? What is plagiarizing? What is mashing? Some academics even doubt the ability to teach ethics.  Even colleges are confounded by massive accountability and cheating problems. Ethics is no breezy artsy passive topic. I believe that if we taught philosophy classes like old school liberal arts education, we could solve some of this quagmire even with the technology condundrums.  ( Brazil high school students all must take 3 years of philosophy courses.)

Perhaps understanding Socrates is better than trying to provide useless career education that has expired before it is even delivered? Our BC kids receive hundreds of hours of instruction toward CareerEd credits for graduation that may contribute nothing? Just a thought?

The current #etmooc tools and skills allow us to ignore many social values.  What is the role of educators in this matter? Should we bother? Wall Street, Washington, etc. all have a conundrum of ethics that has to addressed somehow. Killing innovation by copyright/licensing laws isn’t smart yet inventiveness is dependent upon property rights.  People do not invent or invest anything for free. Would authors write books if they could never pay the bills?  Would Steve Jobs have been innovative if someone else could simply copy his patents without recourse? Add free press and educational applications to the mashup argument and you get serious confusion.

I see teachers responding to the dilemma by killing creativity or limiting learning opportunities. Research projects are being cancelled for ‘in class essays’ because they can’t cope with plagiarized or non original content. I believe the solution is about integrating technology with sound pedagogy and instructional design but…

I do not have answers.  I have more questions than answers.



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