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#etmooc Connected Overload? It’s like a World’s Fair…


So we are full swing into ETMOOC. JAN 21 week and I’ve observed a few posts concerned about CONNECTED OVERLOAD. Connected Learning – Tools, Processes & Pedagogy, includes so many themes, devices, strategies and preferences. This ETMOOC, in some respects is a fantasy a World Exposition of EdTech whereas most of us function in a village children’s festival kind of reality. We operate in traditional schools with many restraints, obstacles or just on a pedagogical scale that makes many discussions here seem fanciful. Connectedness seems so ad hoc and well… massive.

I don’t think we need to feel too overwhelmed nor discard the apparent chaos.  Clearly this is a new paradigm not a mandate.   I’m a MOOC rooky but for 32 yrs I’ve explored through technology innovations and pedagogy shifts.  Not many gadgets or new world order alarms me but this is the largest busiest online gathering I’ve experienced.

I’m no expert but here is my take on this digital World’s Fair? My advice? Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -Theodore Roosevelt. -26th president of USA (

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt. -26th president of USA (

This massive group should organically help you find interests and new learning. If you get lost? Send a Tweet and Google+ call out someone will oblige a hand.   One thing is certain for me.  I’ve read more fascinating writers and educators this week than the past year. 🙂   Alec’s (@courosa) infographic for last week inspired my international take on connected learning and information overload. and my World’s Fair metaphor….

“It’s rather like a World’s Exposition, with all the pavilions, performers, food carts, exhibits and enthusiasts strolling along the causeways…you choose to tolerate the long lines and crowds because it’s a fanciful collective that you choose not to miss…”  

I’m reminded of Expo 86 when my wife and I took our new toddler down to Vancouver to enjoy the shiny new spectacle that was -THE event.   It was too, in many ways. It preceded the Whistler Winter Olympics placing Vancouver, BC  on the world stage.  Maybe some of our international folks even traveled here back in the day?   Like any big fair, the scale and pace of activity that drives the massive venue, events and people is extraordinary.   Expo86 was an explosion to the senses and overload to the curious who couldn’t feed themselves enough of this global fodder even if it now seems a little  manufactured and cliché.   Musicians, artists, skytrains, space exhibits, food carts…. The delightful thing about Expo 86 was all the street entertainment.   Time passed quickly while waiting for the pavilions because there was something to entertain you.  The fun and even the poignancy of the event was the little serendipitous discoveries.  The artists and musicians….  Maybe a large MOOC is like that. Perhaps it is the little busker who lights your fire?         More>  Promo Expo86 video...

"Heh, did you visit the UN yet? C'est magnifique! " CC Attribution 2.o by colros

“Heh, did you visit the UN yet? C’est magnifique! ”         CC Attribution 2.o by colros

-The pavilion mural ‘Indigenous People of the World’, was painted by Paul Ygartua. Inspiration works in weird ways, because his print now hangs in my bedroom and I’ve been thinking global ever since…

Indigenous People of the World Ygartua, 460/800

Indigenous People of the World Ygartua, 460/800

I’m getting a bit of déjà vu now taking this ETMOOC because I know that the real wonder of the world is out there beckoning and that a massive open expo isn’t the same as being there yet I’m willing to partake in the insanity. I think a MOOC is rather similar. All this collective intelligence, global experience and delicious gadgets to avail myself! A madness that I know has some delightful exhibits and many people to see.  Hell, I had fun just mixing it up with folks in the pavilion queues! I knew upon arriving and all those lineups of visitors that I’d never see it all.

Plan A – scratched. information overload. Plan B? CONNECTED LEARNING  3 days changed to 6. And buy another pair of shoes. – Al Smith


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  3. I always over indulge at the fair….what a wonderful analogy!

  4. Thank you for sharing, in your words, exactly what I am feeling. I will take what I can and leave the rest, share what I can, where I am. Well done. I do not feel so alone which makes me feel less overwhelmed. Perhaps overwhelmed just goes with a MOOC experience? Perhaps the challenge is to sort through and make connections despite the chaos.