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Social Media in the education landscape

I’ll be soon developing the final touches to a Personal Growth Plan (PGP) for 2013. It is part of our teacher assessment protocols in our district but in an adhoc way I’ve been doing a PGP every year for a while now.  This year I’m trying to get a defined handle on the values and methods for teacher’s use of social media. It is a monster size topic so when Sup. Kennedy of West Vancouver School District attempts to focus the topic with regards to community, I’m going to listen. evolution of tools

Kennedy’s 2011 Slideshare outlines in a simple way the value in using the social media environment. He agrees that the blog is the foundation. Obviously, support tools like YouTube, Slideshare, etc have been expanded by more interactive tool slike Blackboard, MOOCs, Moodles, etc. One particular graphic that, as an educator, still has me a little trapped is how to implement the workflow of content, instruction, delivery and social media sharing using the cell phone.  I find the cell phone great but it still is a beacon and not the slate. Students and teachers are limited by policy, screen, software and more.
Sue Waters’ presentation the other day has confirmed my dedication to mastering the blog so maybe that is where I should head- the cell phone and the blog?

>( Chris Kennedy, WVan )


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