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Learning through blogging as part of a connectivist MOOC

Learning through blogging as part of a connectivist MOOC.

 This is the second post in 30 Days to Kick Start Your Blogging. You don’t have to have ever published a “post” before, or maybe you’ve started to blog once or twice but haven’t quite yet stuck with it.
Wherever you’re at — we’ll step you through the tasks designed to increase your skills while providing mentors who’ll support your learning. Don’t stress, have fun and remember to ask for help, by leaving a comment, any time you need assistance!
This series is focused on helping educators set up their own personal / professional educator blogs. Check out Blogging with Students if you want to work through our series designed to help you set up student and class blogs!

The activities can be completed at your own place and in any order!
Click on a link below to go to the section of this activity you want to work on:…(Sue Waters )–-beginner-–-effective-and-engaging-blog-posts/#tips


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