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Library Contest #3Š How to make or (unmake) a reader?

Contest #3: Blog Post
This task is a transgression from the playful norm. I’d like to delve into the question- How to make or (unmake) a reader? Whether you read passionately for recreation or not, you all are likely strong readers. Why?


Who was your ‘beloved Mr. Yelinksy’? Or blurb of your childhood reading experiences? Who taught you to read? Or when did you acquire an interest or lose interest?
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*submissions will qualify for bonus prizes*

Thanks for participating. All door prizes and contest winners will be announced Thursday.
Jeff will be in for me Wednesday but I will try to get in for lunch.
I will be around until Friday 4:00pm to sign out books or assist your holiday reading list before heading to the pub.
I have a few Kindles and 2 iPads left for ebooks. See me. Asap.
You can also now download some titles to your own devices from:
visit eResources tab for details


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