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A Fine Balance

Student D shows up for class early, Staples-issue binder, Lou Lou Lemon lovely, warm breakfast sandwich lovingly wrapped in one hand and a Venti Starbucks in the other. As she enters she asks: “Can I ask you a couple of questions?” She sits at the front, during class she will ask up to 10 questions and gets impatient if her needs are not quickly meet. At break she hangs out with other like-minded’s and they map out a plan of attack for the up coming Physics project.

Student S shows up late. She struggles to get to school every day. Her mom tries to text her from work in the morning to wake her up. Her binder is somewhere, she just can’t remember where? Maybe her boyfriend’s car? She does not have time for breakfast or really the energy to make it. She rushes out the door hair wet. Once…

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Library Contest #3Š How to make or (unmake) a reader?

Contest #3: Blog Post
This task is a transgression from the playful norm. I’d like to delve into the question- How to make or (unmake) a reader? Whether you read passionately for recreation or not, you all are likely strong readers. Why?


Who was your ‘beloved Mr. Yelinksy’? Or blurb of your childhood reading experiences? Who taught you to read? Or when did you acquire an interest or lose interest?
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Thanks for participating. All door prizes and contest winners will be announced Thursday.
Jeff will be in for me Wednesday but I will try to get in for lunch.
I will be around until Friday 4:00pm to sign out books or assist your holiday reading list before heading to the pub.
I have a few Kindles and 2 iPads left for ebooks. See me. Asap.
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Book- Full Catastrophe Living,

My Notes from reading- –Full Catastrophe Living by Dr. Kabatt Zinn

Camera lens focuses the reflected light of an object. What meets the eye is not reality but rather a moments impress of life from that viewpoint. A photographer selects various lens to change the expected outcome but he also moves, composes and manages the light before that desired moment- the exposure itself is the moment of truth-acceptance. If the craftsmanship is there, the result is a nonjudgemental photo. it can be just ordinary or very unique but either way the pictures creation is a divine thing not reproducible. The result can never be rewound and taken again. Mindfulness is like that moment of truth- the I am.


3 Ways To Find Technology Mentors In Your School – Edudemic

I chuckled with this reblog… 3ways?

“Ask your librarian! No one in the school gets to see a broader range of teachers, approaches and techniques. When I began talking to our librarian about some tech discoveries I was making she was quick to point out other teachers in our school who were also following that path. Its amazing what you learn by just putting your wish out there and your librarian is one of the best to help you.” (Edudemic)

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Does Twitter Improve Education?

There has been post after post acknowledging how educators love Twitter while also encouraging others to use it themselves. With that though comes skeptics (as there should be), questioning whether the use of Twitter is beneficial to educators. I have thought about that question a lot and I can give a definitive answer: yes and no ( I am 100% certain of this).

So to prove this, we have to look at a few things. First off, we have to look at how educators are using Twitter. Simply signing up for Twitter doesn’t improve anything in your classroom (similar to the notion that having a Twitter account will make people do inappropriate things and cyberbully). It all comes down to the use of it. I offer two scenarios in my own use of Twitter below.(Couros)